Veterinarian information

St. Maarten veterinarian information

Pet Immigration Rules Sint Maarten.
Regulations for taking a Pet Dog or Cat to Sint Maarten.

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For adoption Male dog - Age 5 years - Healthy At the moment he is in a Foster House, but he needs a forever home now.

Hot cars are trouble for dogs

We have all seen dogs and other companion animals who are left inside cars outside of stores while their well meaning guardians "run in for a few minutes." What these otherwise caring people don't realize is that on a hot and humid day, the temperature inside a car rises very quickly

Animal groups make case against Cock fighting

St. Maarten. Members of parliament are split over whether cock fighting should be banned.Several of them made their position clear on Thursday during a central committee meeting that was attended by several animal rights organizations and two veterinarians...

Stop Dogfighting

Dogfighting is a sadistic "contest" in which two dogs specifically bred, conditioned, and trained to fight are placed in a pit (generally a small arena enclosed by plywood walls) to fight each other, for the spectators' gambling and entertainment. Fights average nearly an hour in length and often last more than two hours.

Vegan World

The cruelty of factory farming is well documented, but what is the solution?

Go vegan. Can't we continue eating meat and other animal products and just treat the animals humanely? No, for two reasons...

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St. Maarten veterinarian information

Animals are admitted temporarily to the island with the following papers: a health certificate dated no more than 14 days before travel issued by a licensed veterinarian and a record of vaccinations, including a rabies shot administered no more than 30 days prior to the visit.

Dr. Glen Romney,
Animal Hospital,

Unit 4 & 5 Crowne Plaza,
Union Road, Cole Bay, SXM
Tel. 001-721-5444111,
Fax 001-721-5444113,

Dr. Swanston
Sint Maarten Veterinary Clinic
Executive Commercial Center
Cay Hill, Sint Maarten
Telephone: 001-721-542-0111
Fax: 001-721-442-2107
Emergency 001-721-557-1838
Email: or
Website: Sint Maarten Veterinary Clinic Worldwide Resource for pets


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