On hot sunny days

On hot sunny days

Why is it dangerous to leave pets inside a vehicle on a hot sunny day? The temperature inside a closed vehicle on a sunny day can climb to 160 degrees.

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Hot cars are trouble for dogs

We have all seen dogs and other companion animals who are left inside cars outside of stores while their well meaning guardians "run in for a few minutes." What these otherwise caring people don't realize is that on a hot and humid day, the temperature inside a car rises very quickly

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On hot sunny days



In Summer it can be both uncomfortable and very dangerous for our pets.
They should have a cool shady place to rest, away from the hot sun. Keeping our pets safe and away from heat is important for their health; they cannot sweat it out like humans can.
However, just like humans, they can suffer heat stroke and die if left out too long in the sun.
A car that has been parked up with a dog inside can reach up 160 degrees in temperature within minutes on a hot sunny day, even if the windows have been left slightly open.

Listed below are just a few of the initial signs of heatstroke:

  • Rapid panting and showing a bright red tongue with sticky saliva.
  • Acting moody, weak and dizzy.
  • Vomiting, sometimes a show of blood, diarrhea and falling into a coma.
  • If your dog shows any of these signs call an emergency vet and take your pet to the nearest veterinary hospital, covered with wet towels or the good old bag of frozen peas.
  • However if you are in your garden and your pet is conscious, use a garden hose to cool him down before rushing him to your local vet.


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